Norway national Eurovision finals

People in the Six on Stage database who have taken part in Norway national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. This includes songwriters, jury members, hosts, spokespeople and performers. Only competitive national finals are included.

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Appearances by year for Norway national Eurovision finals

EntryNamed artists
Black Flowers by Frode Vassel
Give That Wolf A Banana by Subwoolfer
Queen Bees by Anna-Lisa Kumoji
We Still Here by Mira Craig
Wonder Of The World by Christian Ingebrigtsen
Your Loss by Mari Bølla
Circus by Royane
Monument by KEiiNO
My Life is OK by Ketil Stokkan
Ut av mørket/Fallen Angel by TIX
Attention by Ulrikke
Out of Air by Didrik & Emil Solli-Tangen
Talking About Us by Lisa Børud
En livredd mann by Mørland
Holla by Anna-Lisa Kumoji
Spirit in the Sky by KEiiNO
The Bubble by Adrian Jørgensen
I Like I Like I Like by Tom Hugo
Light Me Up by Nicoline
Talk to the Hand by Aleksander Walmann
That's How You Write a Song by Alexander Rybak
You Got Me by Stella & Alexandra
Grab the Moment by JOWST
Places by Ulrikke
Wrecking Crew by Ammunition
Icebreaker by Agnete
A Monster Like Me by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett
All Over the World by Tor & Bettan
Human Beings by Karin Park
Silent Storm by Carl Espen
Det er du by Tom Hugo
I Feed You My Live by Margaret Berger
Little Bobbi by United
Stay by Tooji
Dance Tonight by The BlackSheeps
Haba Haba by Stella Mangwi
You're Like a Melody by Hanne Sørvaag
Don't Stop by Hanne Haugsand
Don't Wanna Lose You Again by A1
Make My Day by Maria Haukaas Storeng
Million Dollar Baby by Belinda Braza
My Heart Is Yours by Didrik Solli-Tangen
Alt har en mening nå by Wenche Myhre
Fairytale by Alexander Rybak
Seven Seconds by Ovi
Tricky by Velvet Inc.
Hold On Be Strong by Maria Haukaas Storeng
Ven a bailar conmigo by Guri Schanke
Alvedansen by Christine Guldbrandsen
Dreaming of a New Tomorrow by Tor Endresen
Here For The Show by Trine Rein
Lost and Found by Jorun Erdal & Geir Rönning
Can You Hear Me by Seppo
In My Dreams by Wig Wam
My Heart Is My Home by Jahn Teigen
Crazy Things by Wig Wam
High by Knut Anders Sørum
Din hånd i min hånd by Kikki, Bettan & Lotta
I'm Not Afraid to Move On by Jostein Hasselgård
On My Own by Haldor Lægreid
My Heart Goes Boom by Charmed
One More Time by Jan Werner Danielsen
I'll Be Your Friend by Håvard, Dag Arnold & Ingvild Gryting
Living My Life Without You by Stig Van Eijk
Lover by Tor Endresen
All I Ever Wanted Was You by Lars A. Fredriksen
Always Will by G'stén
Winds of the Northern Seas by Elisabeth Andreassen
San Francisco by Tor Endresen
Venter på deg by Geir Rønning
Ariel by To Tenorer
I evighet by Elisabeth Andreassen
Uten de by Geir Rønning
Nocturne by Secret Garden
Uten lyst, uten tro by Geir Rønning
Aladdin by Tor Endresen
Duett by Elisabeth Andreassen & Jan Werner Danielsen
Gi alt vi har by Jahn Teigen
Alle mine tankar by Silje Vige
Din egen stjerne by Merethe Trøan
Hva by Tor Endresen
Jackpot by Jahn Teigen
Du skal få din dag i morgen by Wencke Myhre
Radio Luxembourg by Tor Endresen
Visjoner by Merethe Trøan
Brandenburger Tor by Ketil Stokkan
Café le swing by Tor Endresen
Smil by Jahn Teigen
Barneøyne by Kari Gjærum
Nærhet by Kate Gulbrandsen
Optimist by Jahn Teigen
Til det gryr av dag by Tor Endresen
Venners nærhet by Britt Synnøve
Åpne døre by Odd Arvid Eilertsen, Tor & Sverre Kjelsberg
For vår jord by Karoline Krüger
Glasnost by Jahn Teigen
Jeg vil elske deg by Lise Haavik
Lengt by Iselin Alme & Tor Endresen
Natten er din og min by Elisabeth Moberg & Terry Heart
Hemmelig drøm by Tor Endresen & Thowsen Band
I samme båt by Sigvart Dagsland
Malene by Finn Kalvik
Mange millioner by Håkon Iversen
Mitt liv by Kate Gulbrandsen
Jeg vet hva jeg vil by Mia Gundersen
Romeo by Ketil Stokkan
II & II by Rolf Graf
Karma by Anita Skorgan
La det swinge by Bobbysocks!
Love, amour og kjærlighet by Kai Eide
Nattergal by Mia Gundersen & Olav Stedje
Ring, Ring, Ring! by Pastel
Lenge leve livet by Dollie de Luxe
Opus by Ellen Nikolaysen
Do Re Mi by Jahn Teigen
Gjennom ild og vann by Grethe Kausland & Dizzie Tunes
Samme charmeur by Ketil Stokkan
Adieu by Jahn Teigen & Anita Skorgan
Det er deg jeg skal ha by Dollie
1984 by Dollie
Aldri i livet by Finn Kalvik
Ja by Jahn Teigen
Sámiid Ædnan by Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta
Stjerneskudd by Anita Skorgan
Hva er vitsen med en sang by Anne Lise Gjøstøl
Når vi er barn by Hanne Krogh
Oliver by Anita Skorgan
Mil etter mil by Jahn Teigen
Min sang by Anne Lise Gjøstøl
Prima Donna by Anita Skorgan & Georg Keller
Casanova by Anita Skorgan
Make Love Not War by Odd Børre
Sang by Kirsti Sparboe & Benny Borg
Alltid en vind by Dag Spantell, Anne Lise Gjøstøl, Gro Anita Schonn & Stein Ingebrigtsen
Alltid en vind by Gudny Aspaas & Jahn Teigen
Hastverk by Anita Skorgan
Hastverk by Jahn Teigen
Mata Hari by Anne-Karine Strøm
Voodoo by Gudny Aspaas & Jahn Teigen
Voodoo by Inger Lise Rypdal & Jahn Teigen
1+1=2 by Anne-Karine Strøm
Det skulle ha vært sommer nå by Ellen Nikolaysen
En enkel sang by Benny Borg
Kjærlighetens under by Jahn Teigen
Hvor er du by Anne-Karine Strøm
Hvor er du by Jahn Teigen
Lys og mørke by Ellen Nikolaysen
Syng en liten melodi by Anne Lise Gjøstøl
Syng en liten melodi by Grethe Kausland & Dizzie Tunes
Yo-Yo by Kjersti & Kirsti
Å for et spill by Bendik Singers
Det var jo sant by Anne-Karine Strøm
Det var jo sant by Benny Borg
Om du kunne by Anne Lise Gjøstøl
Om du kunne by Ellen Nikolaysen
Håp by Anne-Karine Strøm
Håp by Ellen Nikolaysen
Lillebror by Kirsti Sparboe
Småting by Grethe Kausland & Benny Borg
Småting by Hanne Krogh
Hør litt på meg by Anne-Karine Strøm
India by Inger Jacobsen
Ironside by Odd Børre & Jan-Erik Berntsen
Lykken er by Hanne Krogh
Optimisten by Odd Børre
Riv deg løs by Anne Lise Gjøstøl
Juksemaker pipelort by Lill-Babs
Lena by Odd Børre
Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli by Kirsti Sparboe
Jeg har aldri vært så glad i noen som deg by Kirsti Sparboe
Jeg har aldri vært så glad i noen som deg by Odd Børre
Nordlys by Nora Brockstedt
Nysgjerrig-Per by Nora Brockstedt
Stress by Kirsti Sparboe
Stress by Odd Børre
Dukkemann by Kirsti Sparboe
Gi meg fri by Åse Kleveland
Gi meg fri by Kirsti Sparboe
Intet er nytt under solen by Åse Kleveland
Lørdagstripp by Kirsti Sparboe
Lørdagstripp by Wenche Myhre
Ung og forelsket by Anita Thallaug
Vims by Anita Thallaug
Vims by Wenche Myhre
Bare det aller, aller beste by Nora Brockstedt
Karusell by Kirsti Sparboe
Med lokk og lur by Nora Brockstedt
God gammel firkantet vals by Wenche Myhre
Hvor by Inger Jacobsen
Ingen sol finner vei (til min gate) by Inger Jacobsen
La meg være ung by Wenche Myhre
La meg værre ung by Odd Børre & The Cannons
Spiral by Arne Bendiksen
Adjø by Anita Thallaug
Drømmekjolen by Anita Thallaug
Drømmekjolen by Nora Brockstedt
Solhverv by Nora Brockstedt
Kom sol, kom regn by Inger Jacobsen
Mormors spilledåse by Anita Thallaug
Våre skal dagene være by Anita Thallaug
Våre skal dagene være by Inger Jacobsen
Snu deg om by Nora Brockstedt
Sommer i Palma by Nora Brockstedt
Voi Voi by Nora Brockstedt
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