Six on Stage is a database of everyone who has ever taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest. In particular, it highlights backing performers – the unsung heroes who get trapped in glass boxes, thrown around on poles, sing their hearts out off stage or lurk in the shadows.

What For?

By recording the data in a structured way, the site can answer pressing questions like "Who has performed on the most entries?" (Georges Costa) and "Who has been involved with the most winning songs?" (legendary Irish conductor Noel Kelehan).

What's Another Year?

Statistics include all broadcast Contests up to 2022. Details will be added to the 2023 page as they emerge. Announced involvement in the cancelled 2020 Contest is included on the site for information but not included in overall stats.

Bigger Than Us

The database currently contains 9,984 people across 1,684 songs, including 5,617 performers, 2,877 writers and 339 conductors.

Playing With Numbers

Is It Right?

There are lots of good sites with much of this data already and most of the existing information is spot on. But some song credits have been copied from site to site over the years with no checking, and what looks like a lot of independent sources supporting the same fact turn out to be one error copied several times.

Checking, cleaning and tidying this data over time should at least mean that, while this site can't be 100% correct, the information is the best available and gradually getting better.

Our Choice

This site divides performers into named artists and backing performers.

A named artist is the person or group credited during the Eurovision Song Contest. If the act is a band, all performing members are counted as even if they aren't singing. Backing performers are those who go uncredited on the night, regardless of their role.

In general people are listed by their stage name although mononymous performers often have their full name given to avoid confusion – I've tended to use Wikipedia's naming convention as a guide. Using the search box, you should be able to find people under alternative names. And yes, there really are two Niamh Kavanaghs on the same song.

Tell Me Who You Are

My name is Will and I love data.

What If We

...have corrections or missing information? Don't shut up about it. Email [email protected].

Newest addition
Meital Cohen

The last person added to the database was Meital Cohen, performing for Israel in 2000.

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