2011 national Eurovision finals

Entrants in the 2011 national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest who appear in the Six on Stage database.

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EntryNamed artists
Kënga ime by Aurela Gaçe
Me cilin rri ti dashuri by Hersi Matmuja
Pranë by Kejsi Tola
Vetëm ti by Klajdi Musabelliu
Happy Song by Alf Poier & Die Obersteirische Wolfshilfe
Oida taunz! by Trackshittaz
Send a Little Smile by Petra Frey
The Secret Is Love by Nadine Beiler
Çingiz Mustafayev
Eldar Qasimov
Farid Mammadov
Nigar Camal
Sabina Babayeva
With Love Baby by Witloof Bay
Na inat by Poli Genova
Damir Kedžo
Lahor by Daria Kinzer
Lahor by Jacques Houdek
Christos Mylordos
Stella Stylianou
New Tomorrow by A Friend in London
All and Now by Rolf Roosalu
I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan by Outloudz
Rockefeller Street by Getter Jaani
Valss by Orelipoiss
Blessed With Love by Saara Aalto
Da da dam by Paradise Oskar
Pamela by Stala & So.
One More Day by Eldrine
Watch My Dance by Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike
Aftur heim by Matthías Matthíasson, Hreimur Örn Heimisson, Gunnar Ólason, Vignir Snær Vigfússon, Pálmi Sigurhjartarson & Benedikt Brynleifsson
Ástin mín eina by Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir
Eldgos by Matthías Matthíasson & Erla Björg Káradóttir
Elisabet by Pétur Örn Guðmundsson
Nótt by Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir
Þessi þrá by Kristján Gíslason & Íslenzka Sveitin
Falling by Nikki Kavanagh
Lipstick by Jedward
Ding Dong by Dana International
אוהב את זה (I'm Loving It) by KNOB
Angel in Disguise by Musiqq
Banjo Laura by Lauris Reiniks
Daylight by D-Family
Love Is Like An Aeroplane by Liene Candy
Upside Down by Trianas Parks
Best Friends by Donny Montell & Sasha Song
C'est ma vie by Evelina Sašenko
Days Go By by Monika
Floating to You by Linas Adomaitis
Let Me by Donny Montell
The Slogan of Our Nation by Sasha Song
What is Love? by Nora
Catch-22 by Amber
Down Down Down by Jessica Muscat
Everybody Sing by Wayne Micallef
Finally by Richard Edwards
MoonDance by Baklava
Movie In My Mind by Claudia Faniello
No Surrender by Fabrizio Faniello
One Life by Glen Vella
Over and Over by Kurt Calleja
Touch Wood by Amber
Unfaithful by Anna Azzopardi
Unintentional by Petra
Dorule by Pasha Parfeny
Every Day Will Be Your Day by Cristina Scarlat
Let's Jazz by Natalia Barbu
So Lucky by Zdob si Zdub
North Macedonia
Košmar moj by Ile Spasev
Rusinka by Vlatko Ilievski
Dance Tonight by The BlackSheeps
Haba Haba by Stella Mangwi
You're Like a Melody by Hanne Sørvaag
Jestem by Magdalena Tul
A luta é alegria by Homens da Luta
Em nome do amor by Rui Andrade
Bang Bang by Mihai Alexandru feat. B-Body & Soul
Change by Hotel FM
Caroban by Nina
Idemo dalje by Aleksandra Kovac
Bistvo skrito je ocem by Omar Naber
Vanilija by Maja Keuc
Esmeralda Grao
Abrázame by Lucía Pérez
C'est la vie! It's alright! by Lucía Pérez
El sol brillará by Auryn
Evangeline by Auryn
Que me quiten lo bailao by Lucía Pérez
Volver by Auryn
Alive by Linda Pritchard
Dance Alone by Love Generation
I Thought It Was Forever by Shirley's Angels
I'm in Love by Sanna Nielsen
In the Club by Danny Saucedo
My Heart Is Refusing Me by Loreen
Popular by Eric Saade
Vaken i en dröm by Elisabeth Andreassen
In Love For A While by Anna Rossinelli
Action by Anastasiya Prihodko
Angel by Mika Newton
Berega by Eduard Romanyuta
Smile by Jamala
The kukushka by Zlata Ognevich
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