2016 national Eurovision finals

Entrants in the 2016 national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest who appear in the Six on Stage database.

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EntryNamed artists
Jeto dhe ëndërro by Adrian Lulgjuraj
Liroje zemrën by Besa Krasniqi
Monolog by Erga Halilaj
Ndodh edhe kështu by Klajdi Musabelliu
Pa mbarim by Luiz Ejili
Përrallë by Eneda Tarifa
All We Need Is That Love by Vincent Bueno
Loin d'ici by Zoë
Help You Fly by Ivan
Heta zyamlya by NAVI
What's The Pressure by Laura Tesoro
Never Alone by Anja Nissen
Soldiers of Love by Lighthouse X
Play by Jüri Pootsmann
Seis by Mick Pedaja
Supersonic by Laura
No Fear by Saara Aalto
Sing It Away by Sandhja
Ghost by Jamie-Lee Kriewitz
Pioneer by Freddie
Who We Are by Kállay Saunders Band
Ég leiði þig heim by Pálmi Gunnarsson
Hear Them Calling/Raddirnar by Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir
I Promised You Then/Hugur minn er by Hjörtur Traustason & Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir
Made of Stars by Hovi Star
Il primo amore non si scorda mai by Enrico Ruggeri
Nessun grado di separazione by Francesca Michielin
Being a Friend by Ruta Duduma
Heartbeat by Justs
I Can by Markus Riva
The Love Is Forever by Samanta Tina
We Live for Love by Samanta Tina
I've Been Waiting For This Night by Donny Montell
Leading Me Home by Erica Jennings
Life (Not That Beautiful) by Ieva Zasimauskaite
Mayday by Baiba
Chameleon by Ira Losco
Kingdom by Christabelle
That's Why I Love You by Ira Losco
The Flame by Jessika
Falling Stars by Lidia Isac
FunnyFolk by DoReDoS
Icebreaker by Agnete
Addiction by Kasia Mos
Color Of Your Life by Michal Szpak
Grateful by Edyta Górniak
Come On Everybody by Jukebox
Moment of Silence by Ovidiu Anton
Paradisio by M I H A I
Alive in Every Way by Regina
Blue and Red by ManuElla
Tip Top by Nuša Derenda
Say Yay! by Barei
Constellation Prize by Robin Bengtsson
Du tar mig tillbaks by Martin Stenmarck
Faller by Krista Siegfrids
Håll mitt hjärta hårt by Patrik, Tommy & Uno
Human by Oscar Zia
Hunger by Molly Pettersson Hammar
I Will Wait by Isa Tengblad
If I Were Sorry by Frans
My Heart Wants Me Dead by Lisa Ajax
Save Me by Wiktoria
The Last Of Our Kind by Rykka
1944 by Jamala
Crown by Alloise
I Am Free Now by Anastasiya Prihodko
United Kingdom
You're Not Alone by Joe & Jake
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