2001 national Eurovision finals

Entrants in the 2001 the Eurovision Song Contest who appear in the Six on Stage database. This includes songwriters, jury members, hosts, spokespeople and performers from Eurovision. Only national final lead artists and writers are listed.

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Writers with multiple songs in 2001 national Eurovision finals

Bottolf Lødemel21
Henrik Sethsson21
Tony Malm21
Lars Aass21
EntryNamed artists
Bosnia & Herzegovina
10 miliona ljubavi by Fuad Backović
Hano by Nino Pršeš
Ljubi me sad by Amila Glamočak
Nista mi ne moze by Mija Martina
Vrati sjecanja by Zeljka Katavic-Pilj & Nesib Delibegovic Nesko
Iz dana u dan by Tony Cetinski
Ljepota by Adalbert Turner-Juci & Emilia Kokic
Nije kao prije by Vladimir Kocis-Zec
Što znaci zbogom by Dado Topic
Strune ljubavi by Vanna
Za tebe stvorena by Vesna Pisarovic
Zlatni kljuc sudbine by Tereza Kesovija
Der står et billede af dig på mit bord by Rollo & King
Drømmer om dig by Parber Kerstein Band
Hvis du tænker lidt på mig by Anne Murillo
Som om det var i går by Helge Englebrecht
Everybody by Dave Benton, Tanel Padar & 2XL
Life is a Beautiful Word by Soul Control
The Right Way by Maian Kärmas
Happy Birthday Party by Lou & Band
Power of Trust by Lesley, Joy + Brigitte
Wer Liebe Lebt by Michelle
Die For You by Antique
Aftur heim by Eyjólfur Kristjánsson & Birgitta Haukdal
Birta by Kristján Gíslason & Gunnar Ólason
Í villtan dans by Rúna G. Stefánsdóttir
Komdu til mín by Guðrún Árný Karlsdóttir
Without Your Love by Gary O'Shaughnessy
Ein davar by Tal Sundak
Falling Into You by Yana Kay
Hey, Boy, Follow Me by Marija Naumova
It's Not The End by Tumsa
Koka klucis konstantins by Labveligais Tips
Too Much by Arnis Mednis
No Reason Why by Cloudmaker
You Got Style by Skamp
Another Summer Night by Fabrizio Faniello
Deep Inside My Heart by Ira Losco
Don't Give Up by Ira Losco
Eternity by Julie Zahra
He's My Romeo by Nadine Axisa
Hold Me Now by Olivia Lewis
I Wanna Be The One by Marvic Lewis
Love Will See Me Through by Olivia Lewis
Spellbound by Ira Losco
We'll Ride the Wind by Ira Losco
Danielle by Montezuma's Revenge
Out On My Own by Michelle
So Much Love by Ebonique
Brighter than Light by Elin Torset
Writer Elin Torset
Every Night Is Saturday Night by Marianne Ligaard
Writer Bottolf Lødemel, Lars Aass
Free by Camilla Fagerås
Writer Jon-Willy Rydningen, Ken Ingwersen, Svein Finneide
Is She the One by Are Sigvardsen
Writer Are Sigvardsen
Looking for Love by Rasmus Høgset
Writer Jan Johansen, Brad Johnson, Thomas Heinonen
On My Own by Haldor Lægreid
Writer Ole Henrik Antonsen, Tom-Steinar Hanssen, Ole Jørgen Olsen
Show Me The Way by Lars-Fredrik
Writer Bottolf Lødemel, Elias Muri, Lars Aass
Still An Angel by Remy
Writer Øivind Madsen, Leif Johansen
U Ain't Seen the Best of Me Yet by Rebecca
Writer Rebecca Wolsdal
Without You by Rune Rudberg
Writer Rune Rudberg
You've Got the Motion by Mocci
Writer Erlend Klarholm Nilsen, Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen, Mocci Ryen
Your Heart Belongs to Me by BIAZ
Writer Lars Berg
Na aldeia global by Vudoo
Só sei ser feliz assim by MTM
Ne, ni res by Nuša Derenda
Ostani tu by Karmen Stavec
Sonce v oceh by Tinkara Kovac
Zaljubljena v maj by Regina
Dile que la quiero by David Civera
Allt som jag ser by Barbados
Writer Lars Diedricson, Marcos Ubeda, Ulf Georgsson
I går, i dag by Sanna Nielsen
Writer Bert Månson
Ingenmansland by Jan Johansen
Writer Bobby Ljunggren, Ingela "Pling" Forsman
Jag känner dig by Popson
Writer Lars Benckert, Petter Gunnarsson
Kom ner på jorden by Teresia
Writer Rune Gardell
Lyssna till ditt hjärta by Friends
Writer Henrik Sethsson, Thomas G:son
Om du förlåter mig by Date
Writer Henrik Sethsson, Sofia Lagerström
Om du stannar här by Ellinor
Writer Tony Malm, Ellinor Franzén
Om du var här hos mig by Rosanna
Writer Lars Edvall, Mattias Reimer
Vända om by Annie Kratz-Gutå
Writer Annie Kratz-Gutå, Farhad Zand, Tony Malm
Sevgiliye Son by Sedat Yüce
United Kingdom
Men by Nanne
No Dream Impossible by Lindsay D
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