1975 national Eurovision finals

Entrants in the 1975 national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest who appear in the Six on Stage database.

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EntryNamed artists
Alleen by Luk Bral
Alles wat ik heb by Luk Bral
Alles zal beter gaan by Luk Bral
Als je eenzaam bent by Ann Christy
Een zonnige Zondagmiddag by Luk Bral
Gelukkig Zijn by Ann Christy
Hartenbreker by Ann Christy
Ik weet by Micha Marah
Ik wil terug naar m'n moeder by Luk Bral
Kom bij mij by Micha Marah
Kom geef mij je kleine hand by Luk Bral
Laat een jongenshart nooit alleen by Luk Bral
Mon amour by Ann Christy
t is over by Micha Marah & The Pebbles
Weet je waarom by Micha Marah
Zeven uur is liefde by Micha Marah
Fasten seatbelts by Mon-Ami
Laulu by Vesa-Matti Loiri & Sivupersoonat
Oh, New York - rakkain by Kirka - The Islanders
Ovi elämään by Pepe Willberg
Viulu-ukko by Pihasoittajat
Am Fuß der Leiter by Peter Horton
Dreh dich im Kreisel der Zeit by Séverine
Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein by Joy Fleming
Ein Lied zieht hinaus in die Welt by Jürgen Marcus
Eine Liebe ist wie ein Lied by Mary Roos
Ich liebe dich by Katja Ebstein
A New World by Renato
Live for Tomorrow by Mary Spiteri
Singing This Song by Renato
Try A Little Love Today by Mary Spiteri
Dinge dong by Teach-In
1+1=2 by Anne-Karine Strøm
Det skulle ha vært sommer nå by Ellen Nikolaysen
En enkel sang by Benny Borg
Kjærlighetens under by Jahn Teigen
Com uma arma, com una flor by Paulo de Carvalho
Madrugada by Duarte Mendes
Memória by Paulo de Carvalho
Jennie, Jennie by Lars Berghagen
Lady Antoinette by Hadar & Glenmarks
Michelangelo (men så svara då) by Björn Skifs
Rockin' 'n' reeling by Ted Gärdestad
Som min vän by Göran Fristorp
Lève-toi soleil by Peter, Sue & Marc
Mikado by Simone Drexel
Seninle Bir Dakika by Semiha Yankı
Budi s njom by Ambasadori
Dan ljubezni by Pepel In Kri
Djecak kao da vijek ima by Milovan Popovic
Novi ljudi by Jadranka Stojaković
Perpetuum mobile by 4M
Prijatelji iz otroskih dni by Oto Pestner
Srce u srcu by Neda Ukraden
Ti si mi bila naj naj by Indeksi
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