Named artist Backing artist Writer Anita Skorgan

Married to...

1988Norway For Vår Jord Writer writer
1983Norway Do Re Mi Backing artist backing
1983Norway Do Re Mi Writer writer
1982Norway Adieu Named artist artist
1981Norway Aldri I Livet Backing artist backing
1979Norway Oliver Named artist artist
1979Norway Oliver Writer writer
1977Norway Casanova Named artist artist

National final entries

Named artists only.

1985Norway Karma Named artist artist
1982Norway Adieu [Winning song] Named artist artist (with Jahn Teigen)
1980Norway Stjerneskudd Named artist artist
1979Norway Oliver [Winning song] Named artist artist
1978Norway Prima Donna Named artist artist (wth Georg Keller)
1977Norway Casanova [Winning song] Named artist artist
1976Norway Hastverk Named artist artist
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