1963 national Eurovision finals

Entrants in the 1963 the Eurovision Song Contest who appear in the Six on Stage database. This includes songwriters, jury members, hosts, spokespeople and performers from Eurovision. Only national final lead artists and writers are listed.

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Writers with multiple songs in 1963 national Eurovision finals

Bobbie Ericson21
Britt Lindeborg21
EntryNamed artists
Boerenwals by Bob Benny
Luister naar de wind by Lize Marke
Mijn kleine blauwe zwaluw by Bob Benny
Saksisch porselein by Lize Marke
Waarom by Jacques Raymond
Amiga mia by Bjørn Tidmand
Dansevise by Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann
Kære du by Dario Campeotto
Lille sarte kvinde by Gitte Hænning
Pourquoi by Birthe Wilke
Kaikessa soi blues by Lasse Mårtenson
Muistojeni laulu by Laila Halme
Com'è piccolo il cielo by Tonina Torrielli
Occhi neri e cielo blu by Claudio Villa
Perdonarsi in due by Tonina Torrielli
Sull'acqua by Emilio Pericoli
Uno per tutte by Emilio Pericoli
Adjø by Anita Thallaug
Drømmekjolen by Anita Thallaug
Drømmekjolen by Nora Brockstedt
Solhverv by Nora Brockstedt
En gång i Stockholm by Monica Zetterlund/Carli Tornehave
Writer Bobbie Ericson, Beppe Wolgers
Fröken eko by Tommy Jacobsson/Bertil Englund
Writer Britt Lindeborg
Hong Kong-sång by Charlie Norman, Rolf Berg & Hans Burman/Gerd Söderberg
Writer Bobbie Ericson, Bo Eneby
Jag är så trött på allt det här by Mona Grain/Ann-Catrine Widlund
Writer Bo Harry Sandin
Rosen och vinden by Per & Ulf Lindqvist/Lily Berglund
Writer Owe Thörnqvist
Säg varför by Anna-Lena Löfgren/Ann-Louise Hanson
Writer Ulf Källqvist
Scheherazade by Gunnar Wiklund/Tommy Jacobsson
Writer Åke Gerhard
Sen igår är vi kära by Lily Berglund/Mona Grain
Writer Harry Arnold, Carl Gyllenberg
Storstadsmelodi by Gerd Söderberg/Charlie Norman, Rolf Berg & Hans Burman
Writer Gunnar Lundén-Welden
Twist till menuett by Carli Tornehave/Lars Lönndahl
Writer Thore Skogman
Vårens flickparad by Lars Lönndahl/Gunnar Wiklund
Writer Britt Lindeborg
Zum, zum, zum lilla sommarbi by Ann-Louise Hanson/Per & Ulf Lindqvist
Writer Sam Samson, Fritz-Gustaf Sundelöf
Komme mit mir by Anita Traversi
La più bella canzone del mondo by Anita Traversi
T'en Va Pas by Esther Ofarim
Voglio vivere by Anita Traversi
United Kingdom
Say Wonderful Things by Ronnie Carroll
Brodovi by Vice Vukov
Kada dođe zima by Lola Novaković
Sretno ljeto by Sabahudin Kurt
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