Named artist Writer Spokesperson Samanta Tīna

2022Latvia Spokesperson spokesperson
2021Latvia The Moon Is Rising Named artist artist
2021Latvia The Moon Is Rising Writer writer
2020Latvia Still Breathing Named artist artist
2020Latvia Still Breathing Writer writer

National final entries

2020Latvia Still Breathing [Winning song] Named artist artist
2019Latvia Cutting the Wire Named artist artist
2017Lithuania Tavo oda Named artist artist (with Tadas Rimgaila)
2016Latvia The Love Is Forever Named artist artist
2016Latvia We Live for Love Named artist artist
2014Latvia Stay Named artist artist
2013Latvia I Need a Hero Named artist artist
2013Lithuania Hey Chiki - Mama Named artist artist (with Vudis)
2012Latvia For Father Named artist artist
2012Latvia I Want You Back Named artist artist (with Dāvids Kalandija)
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2022 and all that

Rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 are in full swing at the PalaOlimpico in Turin (aka the Pala Alpitour with its sponsorship removed). Thanks to the official Eurovision channels’ photos and video clips, that’s provided lots of opportunity to spot and identify dancers and backing singers and so the 2022 page has been filling […]

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