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People in the Six on Stage database who have taken part in Malta national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. This includes songwriters, jury members, hosts, spokespeople and performers from Eurovision. Only national final lead artists and writers are listed.

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Appearances by year for Malta national Eurovision finals

EntryNamed artists
Arrows by Kyle George
Writer Andreas Lindbergh, Gerard James Borg, Sebastian Pritchard-James
Banana by Matt Blxck
Writer Douglas Carr, Maria Broberg, Matt Blxck, Oliver Fernström, Sean Banan
Baraxx by Dan
Writer Cyprian Cassar, Daniel Muscat Caruana
Bellus by Christian Arding
Writer Emil Calleja Bayliss, Gilbert Camilleri
Better Off Alone by Miguel Bonello
Writer Leire Gotxi Angel, Michael Joe Cini, Miguel Bonello, Muxu
Bewsa by Dominic Cini
Writer Dominic Cini, Etienne Micallef
Blood Stream by Thea Aquilina
Writer Gerard James Borg, Leire Gotxi Angel, Thea Aquilina, Toby Farrugia
Breaking Bad by Karin Duff
Writer Andreas Stone Johansson, Gerard James Borg, Karin Duff
Breathe by Lisa Gauci
Writer Cyprian Cassar, Emil Calleja Bayliss, Patrik Jean, Petra Zammit
Cloudmaker by Oxygyn
Writer Janelle Borg, Kurt Abela, Luke Camilleri, Zack Camilleri
Condition or Fiction by Mark Anthony Bartolo
Writer Mark Anthony Bartolo
Empire by Sopranique
Writer Gerard James Borg, Mark Masri, Patrick Hamilton
Fading by Marie Claire
Writer John-Emil Johansson, Marie Claire, Matheus Augusto da Silva, Toby Farrugia
Feather Flight by Moira Stafrace
Writer David Cassar Torreggiani, Moira Stafrace, Toby Farrugia
Fire Proof by Lyndsay Pace
Writer Linda Persson, Peter Frödin, Rodrigo Pinto, Ylva Persson
Free Fall by Cosette Baldacchino
Writer Lauren White Murphy, Natasha Turner, Niall Mooney
Ghost by Nathan
Writer Alexander Olsson, Cyprian Cassar, Nathan Psaila, Tom Hugo
Just Be by Mark Portelli
Writer Kimberley Cortis
Karma by Ryan Hili
Writer Andreas Lindbergh, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb
Let's Talk About Love by Michela Galea
Writer Andreas Stone Johansson, Emil Calleja Bayliss, Michela Galea, Sebastian Pritchard-James
Loop by Sarah Bonnici
Writer Kevin Lee, Leire Gotxi Angel, Michael Joe Cini, Sarah Bonnici, Sebastian Pritchard-James
Man by Janvil
Writer Edward Abela, Janvil
Mara by Denise Mercieca
Writer Denise Mercieca, Georgia Meek, Matteo Depares
Miles Away by Martina Cutajar
Writer Luca Napolitano, Martina Cutajar
Misunderstood by Kurt Calleja
Writer Aidan O'Connor, Richard Micallef
Moving On by Maria Christina
Writer Janne Hyöty, Linda Persson, Ylva Persson, Emil Calleja Bayliss
Numb by Stefan Galea
Writer Matthew James Borg, Michael Joe Cini, Muxu, Stefan Galea
Puppet by Franklin Calleja
Writer Franklin Calleja, Matheus Augusto da Silva, Michael Joe Cini
Sirena by Erba'
Writer Alexander Olsson, Audun Agnar Guldbrandsen, Tom Hugo, Anthea Gatt, Demi Galea, Kelsey Bellante, Maria Cachia Abdilla, Maria Ellul
Tagħna Tnejn by Jessica Micallef
Writer Jessica Micallef
Tell Me That It's Over by Haley Azzzopardi
Writer Haley Azzzopardi, Leire Gotxi Angel, Matthew James Borg, Sebastian Pritchard-James
There's Only Flowers by Eliana Gomez Blanco
Writer Eliana Gomez Blanco, Leire Gotxi Angel, Sebastian Pritchard-James
Topic (Bla Bla) by Greta Tude
Writer Antoine Farrugia, Cyprian Cassar, Muxu, Patrik Jean
Venom by Miriana Conte
Writer Daniel Borg, Miriana Conte
Watch Me by Desirei Grech
Wild Card by Gail Attard
Writer Christina Magrin, Claudia Magrin
Dance (Our Own Party) by The Busker
Deja Vu by Adelina Iordachi
Reġina by Aidan
Try To Be Better by Fabrizio Faniello
Unapologetic by Jessika
Electric Indigo by Baklava feat. Nicole
Hey Little by Richard Micallef
Kaleidoscope by Jessica Muscat
Out of Sight by Emma Muscat
Ritmu by Aidan
Michela Pace
Evolution by Petra
Song for Dad by Richard & Joe Micallef
Taboo by Christabelle
Breathlessly by Claudia Faniello
So Simple by Crosswalk
You by Richard Edwards
Chameleon by Ira Losco
Kingdom by Christabelle
That's Why I Love You by Ira Losco
The Flame by Jessika
Beautiful to Me by L-Ahwa
Breakaway by Glen Vella
Chasing a Dream by Trilogy
Fandango by Jessika
Rush by Christabelle
Warrior by Amber
Coming Home by Firelight
Hypnotica by Jessika
Just No Place Like Home by Fabrizio Faniello
Lovetricity by Christabelle
Safe by Miriam Christine
Some Kind of Wonderful by Wayne William
Take Me by Pamela
Fall Like Rome by Richard Edwards
In Control by Amber
No One's Home by Petra
Starting from the End by Dorothy Bezzina
Tomorrow by Gianluca Bezzina
Ultraviolet by Jessika
When It's Time by Claudia Faniello
Wonderful Today by Petra & Richard Edwards
Answer With Your Eyes by Amber
Autobiography by Dorothy Bezzina
Dance Romance by Jessica Muscat
I Will Fight For You (Papa's Song) by Fabrizio Faniello
Look At Me Now by Richard Edwards
Pure by Claudia Faniello
Still Waiting by Anna Azzopardi
This Is The Night by Kurt Calleja
Time by Wayne Micallef
Walk on Water by Isabelle
Catch-22 by Amber
Down Down Down by Jessica Muscat
Everybody Sing by Wayne Micallef
Finally by Richard Edwards
MoonDance by Baklava
Movie In My Mind by Claudia Faniello
No Surrender by Fabrizio Faniello
One Life by Glen Vella
Over and Over by Kurt Calleja
Touch Wood by Amber
Unfaithful by Anna Azzopardi
Unintentional by Petra
All I Need by Petra
Beautiful Contradiction by Miriam Christine
Change by Richard Edwards
Euphoria by Baklava
Fake by Jessica Muscat
Hold On by Pamela
Just A Little More Love by Glen Vella
Moments by Dorothy Bezzina
My Dream by Thea Garrett
Once in a Lifetime by Nadine & Clifford
Samsara by Claudia Faniello
Save a Life by Wayne Micallef
Twenty Thousand Leagues by Mike Spiteri
Army of Lovers by Annabelle Debono
Avalon by Georgina & Ruth Casingena
Before You Walk Away by Q
Blue Sonata by Claudia Faniello
Ha Hi Hu by The Elements
Hey You by Jessica Muscat
Inferno by Ludwig Galea
Kamikaza Lover by Baklava
Lament by Ludwig Galea ft. Fidela tal-Bambinu
Mama by Miriam Christine
Midas Touch by Claudia Faniello
Mozart Revives by Dorothy Bezzina
Promises by Vittorio & Dorothy
Smoke-screen by Jessica Muscat
To Be Myself by Georgina
What If We by Chiara
Where You Belong by Wayne Micallef
All Right Now by Chris & Moira
Caravaggio by Claudia Faniello
Casanova by Morena
If You Believe by Mary Spiteri
Loved By You by Glen & Pamela
My Last Encore by Mary Spiteri
Street Car of Desire by Petra Zammit
Sunrise by Claudia Faniello
Tangled by Jessica Muscat
Vodka by Morena
Whispers by Pamela
All About A Life by Pamela
Forever Mine by William Mangion
L-imhabba ghamja by Claudia Faniello
My Love by Isabelle
Nightwish by Annabelle
Vertigo by Olivia Lewis
Amazing by Anna Belle
High Alert! by Claudia Faniello
I Do by Fabrizio Faniello
Reachin' Out by Pamela
Spare a Moment by Olivia Lewis
Time by Paul Giordimaina & Morena
Waves by Nadine Axisa
Angel by Chiara
Appreciate by Glen
Deja Vu by Olivia Lewis
Don't Tell It by Fabrizio Faniello
It's Up To You by The Mics
Play On by Pamela
Sunshine in Your Eyes by Keith Camilleri
There For You by Leontine & Roger
Through Your Eyes by Justine
Time To Fall In Love Again by Louiseann Tate
Words of Love by Fiona & Nadine
Can't Give My Love by Marvic Lewis
Close To My Heart by Georgina
Did I Ever Tell You by Fabrizio Faniello
Get Free by Debbie Scerri & Prodigal Sons
Love Moves the World by Leontine
On Again... Off Again by Julie & Ludwig
Take a Look by Olivia Lewis
Tango 4 Two by Keith Camilleri
Look At Me by Nadine Axisa
My Number One by Julie Zahra & Ludwig Galea
My Song by Paul Giordimaina, Andrew Zammit & Godwin Lucas
Starting Over by Olivia Lewis feat. IQ's Verse-One
Take Me Back Again by The Mics
To Dream Again by Lynn Chircop
7th Wonder by Ira Losco
Give Me Wings by Olivia Lewis
One Step Away by Ira Losco
Romantic by Nadine Axisa
Secret to Share by Julie Zahra
Think of You by Nadine Axisa
Another Summer Night by Fabrizio Faniello
Deep Inside My Heart by Ira Losco
Don't Give Up by Ira Losco
Eternity by Julie Zahra
He's My Romeo by Nadine Axisa
Hold Me Now by Olivia Lewis
I Wanna Be The One by Marvic Lewis
Love Will See Me Through by Olivia Lewis
Spellbound by Ira Losco
We'll Ride the Wind by Ira Losco
Change of Heart by Fabrizio Faniello
Desire by Claudette Pace
Falling in Love by Ira Losco
I Have Given All To You by Marvic Lewis
I Wanna Love You by Olivia Lewis
Only For You by Olivia Lewis
Shine by Ira Losco
The Only One by Paul Giordimaina
Autumn of My Love by Olivia Lewis
Believe In... (Peace) by Times Three
Breathless by Claudette Pace
Hold My Hand by Nadine Axisa & Rita Pace
I Believe Again by Paul Giordimaina
It Is You by Marvic Lewis
Thankful For your Love by Fabrizio Faniello
Who Will Be There by Georgina
You're the Reason by Leontine
Children of Mother Earth by Leontine
It's Up To You by Miriam Christine
Listen To Our Voices by Claudette Pace & 6th Above
More Than Just A Game by Fabrizio Faniello
The Morning Rain by Georgina
The One That I Love by Chiara
Voice in the Night by Marvic Lewis
You're the One by Olivia Lewis
Alone by Renato
Don't Look Back by Leontine
Falling (For You Love) by Olivia & Marvic Lewis
Let Me Fly by Debbie Scerri
Love Can Do Miracles by Claudette Pace
Love Is by Alwyn, Nadine & Elisa
Lovers Play with Words by Mary Spiteri
Make Me Your Girl by Georgina & June May
Can I Reach You by Georgina
In A Woman's Heart by Miriam Christine Borg
Marathon by Godwin Lucas & Phyllisienne Brincat
My Butterfly by Claudette Pace
Run to You by Debbie Xerri
Would You Leave Me by Renato & Marthese Tanti
Just One Love by Mary Spiteri
Keep Me In Mind by Mike Spiteri
Midnight Blues by Phyllisienne Brincat
Our Love Could Never Be by Claudette Pace
Shelter Me by Incorvaja Sisters & Philip Vella
That Little Bit of Heaven by Georgina
The Way You Are by Miriam Christine Borg
More Than Love by Moira Stafrace & Christopher Scicluna
Remember the Beginning by Georgina
Scarlet Song by Ray Caruana
Tell Me Why by Phyllisienne Brincat
The Shadow of a Dream by Renato
B'vuci wahda/One Voice One Heart by Paul Giordimaina
Gmiel il-ward u l-muzika/Roses, Stars and Love Songs by Mike Spiteri
In-nies li taf/Love Me Till The End by Moira Stafrace
Issa/This Time by William Mangion
L'ghanja ta' hajti/You Are My Music by Bayzo & Claudette Pace
Rajtek/Seems Like Yesterday by Renato
Wiegeb int/Why by Georgina
Fejn jien/With Every Day by Leontine & Q Factory
Flimkien/Together by Phyllisienne Brincat
Jekk l-eku ta' dal-kliem/Fading Love by Renato
Mat-tnehid tal-mewg/Yearning by Helen Micallef
Paceville/Lonely People by Mike Spiteri
Tfajjel ckejken/Little Child by Mary Spiteri
Tghidlix/Don't Throw Our Love Away by Moira Stafrace
Ahna ghal kontra r-rih/I Just Can't Let Go by Joe George & Helen Micallef
Jiem ta' mhabba by Phylisienne Brincat
L-isbah gmiel ghall-mahbubin/It's Wonderful To Be In Love by Renato & Marisa
Maratona by Mike Spiteri
Sejjah u nigi/Could It Be by Georgina & Paul Giordimaina
A New World by Renato
Live for Tomorrow by Mary Spiteri
Singing This Song by Renato
Try A Little Love Today by Mary Spiteri
Ghasfur tac-comb by Helen Micallef
Imhabba u paci by Renato
L-Imhabba by Joe Cutajar
Il-festa tal-poplu tad-dinja by Joe Cutajar
Marija L-Maltija by Joe Grech
Min int by Mary Spiteri
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