Estonia national Eurovision finals

People in the Six on Stage database who have taken part in Estonia national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. This includes songwriters, jury members, hosts, spokespeople and performers. Only competitive national finals are included.

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Appearances by year for Estonia national Eurovision finals

EntryNamed artists
Bridges by Alika
Kurbuse matused by Robin Juhkental
Lighthouse by Sissi
Aovalguses by Ott Lepland
Champion by Anna Sahlene
Hope by Stefan
Interstellar by Stig Rästa
Kui vaid by Jaagup Tuisk
Remedy by Elina Nechayeva
Take Me Home by Lauri Pihlap
Waterfall by Evelin Samuel
Best Night Ever by Tanja
Heaven's Not That Far Tonight by Suured Tüdrukud
Ma olen siin by Ivo Linna, Robert Linna, Supernova
Magus melanhoolia by Jüri Pootsmann
The Lucky One by Uku Suviste
Time by Sissi
We Could Have Been Beautiful by Koit Toome
Beautiful Lie by Jaagup Tuisk
Break Me by Laura
By My Side by Stefan
Heart Winder by German & Violina
Üks kord veel by Traffic
What Love Is by Uku Suviste
High Heels in the Neighbourhood by The Swingers, Tanja & Birgit
Parmumäng by Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk
Pretty Little Liar by Uku Suviste
Soovide puu by Sandra Nurmsalu
Storm by Victor Crone
Strong by Sissi
Without You by Stefan
Home by Stig Rästa
La Forza by Elina Nechayeva
Laura (Walk with Me) by Vaje
Näita oma energiat by Tiiu x Okym x Semy
Show A Little Love by Rolf Roosalu
Taevas by Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar
In or Out by Elina Born
Slingshot by Lenna Kuurmaa
Supernatural by Uku Suviste
Suur loterii by Ivo Linna
The Love by Rasmus Rändvee
Verona by Koit Toome & Laura
Play by Jüri Pootsmann
Seis by Mick Pedaja
Supersonic by Laura
Goodbye to Yesterday by Elina Born & Stig Rästa
Troubles by Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers
Amazing by Tanja
Für Elise by Traffic
Kui tuuled pöörduvad by Sandra Nurmsalu
Lootus by Lauri Pihlap
Siin või sealpool maad by Maiken
Supernoova by Lenna
Tule ja jää by Kõrsikud
Dance by Rasmus Rändvee & Facelift Deer
Enough by Elina Born
Et Uus Saaks Alguse by Birgit Õigemeel
Suuda öelda ei by Kõrsikud
With U by Rolf Roosalu
Bye by Malcolm Lincoln
Kuula by Ott Lepland
Mina jään by Lenna
NASA by Traffic
The Future Is Now by Soul Militia
You're Not Alone by Birgit Õigemeel & Violina
Zombi by Orelipoiss
All and Now by Rolf Roosalu
I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan by Outloudz
Rockefeller Street by Getter Jaani
Valss by Orelipoiss
Ei usu by Disco 4000
Maagiline päev by Violina feat. Rolf Junior
Rapunzel by Lenna
Siren by Malcolm Lincoln & Manpower 4
Destiny by Laura
Fre:dom by Rolf Junior
Rändajad by Urban Symphony
See päev by Traffic
Üürnik by Köök & Kaire Vilgats
You Ain't What I Need by Lowry
365 Days by Birgit Őigemeel
It's Never too Late by Luisa Värk & Traffic
Leto svet by Kreisiraadio
One On One by Rolf Junior
Birds of Peace by Vanilla Ninja
In Good and Bad by Ines
My Place by Soul Militia
Partners In Crime by Gerli Padar
Sunflowers by Laura
Veidi veel by Koit Toome
Be 1st by Marilyn Kongo
Iseendale by Ines
Through My Window by Sandra
Let's Get Loud by Suntribe
Moonwalk by Laura
Homme by Maarja
Surrounded by Slobadan River
Tii by Neiokõsõ
Club Kung-Fu by Vanilla Ninja
Don't Ever Change by Family
Eighties Coming Back by Claire's Birthday
I can b the 1 by Nightlight Duo
Know What I Feel by Koit Toome
No Matter What It Takes by Maiken
What A Day by Slobadan River
Another Country Song by Nightlight Duo & Cowboys
Computer-love by Ivetta Kadakas, Ivo Linna & Veikko Lattu
Need a Little Nothing by Gerli Padar
Runaway by Sahlene
Everybody by Dave Benton, Tanel Padar & 2XL
Life is a Beautiful Word by Soul Control
The Right Way by Maian Kärmas
Kuulatan su ootamist by Eda-Ines Etti
Mõistus ja tunded by Maian Kärmas
Once In A Lifetime by Eda-Ines Etti
One Sweet Moment by Maian Kärmas
Over the Water Blue by Evelin Samuel
Aeg kord täidab soovid by Gerli Padar & Why Not
Diamond of Night by Evelin Samuel & Camille
Didn't I Know by Maiken
Andesta by Evelin Samuel & Ivo Linna
Kristallid by Kaire Vilgats & Lauri Liiv
Maailm kahele by Mona & Karl Madis
Mere lapsed by Koit Toome
Unistus igavesest päevast by Evelin Samuel
Aeg by Maarja-Liis Ilus, Hanna-Liina Vosa & Anne Värvimann
Keelatud maa by Maarja-Liis Ilus
Liiga noor, et armuda by Hanna-Liina Vosa & Pearu Paulus
Meeletu soov by Pearu Paulus
Tantsupalavik by Code One
Kaelakee hääl by Maarja-Liis Ilus & Ivo Linna
Kaheksa näoga kuu by Evelin Samuel & Toomas Rull
Kummalisel teel by Evelin Samuel, Karl Madis, Maarja-Liis Ilus & Pearu Paulus
Lihtne viis by Ivo Linna & Kadi-Signe Selde
Meeletu algus by Hedvig Hanson & Pearu Paulus
Elavad pildid by Ivo Linna
Ime by Evelin Samuel, Anneli Tõevere & Tõnis Kiis
Kallim kullast by Hedvig Hanson & Pearu Paulus
Nagu merelaine by Silvi Vrait
Päikese lapsed by Pearu Paulus
Soovide puu by Evelin Samuel
Unelind by Evelin Samuel
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