Named artist Backing artist Writer Other Winning performance Alexandros Panayi

2019Russia Scream Other other (vocal director)
2018Azerbaijan X My Heart Other other (vocal director)
2018Belarus Forever Other other (vocal director)
2018Moldova My Lucky Day Other other (vocal director)
2017Azerbaijan Skeletons Other other (vocal director)
2017Greece This is Love Other other (vocal director)
2016Russia You Are The Only One Other other (vocal director)
2015Belarus Time Other other (vocal director)
2014Belarus Cheesecake Other other (vocal director)
2014Russia Shine Other other (vocal director)
2013Azerbaijan Hold Me Other other (vocal director)
2013Belarus Solayoh Other other (vocal director)
2012Belarus We Are The Heroes Backing artist backing
2012Belarus We Are The Heroes Other other (vocal director)
2009Greece This Is Our Night Backing artist backing
2009Greece This Is Our Night Other other (vocal director)
2006Greece Everything Other other (vocal coach)
2006Malta I Do Other other (stage director)
2005Greece My Number One [Winning song] Backing artist backing
2005Greece My Number One [Winning song] Other other (vocal director)
2000Cyprus Nomiza Named artist artist (Voice)
2000Cyprus Nomiza Writer writer
1995Cyprus Sti Fotia Named artist artist
1995Cyprus Sti Fotia Writer writer
1991Cyprus S.O.S. Backing artist backing
1989Cyprus Apopse As Vrethoume Backing artist backing

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Includes named artists, writers and hosts only.

2014Cyprus I pio omorfi mera Writer writer

National final entries

Named artists only.

2009Cyprus There is Love Named artist artist
2000Cyprus Nomiza [Winning song] Named artist artist (with Christina Argyri)
1998Cyprus Fterougisma Named artist artist (with Marlain Angelidou)
1995Cyprus Sti Fotia [Winning song] Named artist artist
1993Cyprus Yia sena tragoudo Named artist artist
1990Cyprus Pistevo Named artist artist
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But trains, stations and railway are nothing new to the lyrics of Eurovision, with over 25 songs featuring them in some way. So here is a rundown of the 10 most railwayish entries from 66 years of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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