A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1979.

The Contest was hosted by Daniel Pe'er and Yardena Arazi at the International Convention Centre in Jerusalem, Israel.

See national final entries for 1979.

Performers with multiple appearances in 1979

Georges Costa2
Michel Costa2

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1979

NamePrevious appearances
Georges Costa9
Michel Costa8
Francine Chantereau6
Martine Latorre5
Catherine Bonnevay5
Sandra Reemer2
Marcel Dietrich2
Peter Reber2
Sue Schell2
Okkie Huysdens1
Ton op 't Hof1
Anita Skorgan1
George Keller1
Michael Elo1
Ianne Elo1
Kalle Fält1
Anne-Marie David1
Mary Clifford1

Artists who performed in 1979

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria   List of performers is complete Heute In Jerusalem
Conductor  Richard Oesterreicher
Spokesperson  Jenny Pippal
Writer Péter Wolf, André Heller
Belgium Hey Nana
Conductor  Francis Bay
Spokesperson  An Ploegaerts
Writer Charles Dumolin, Guy Beyers
Denmark   List of performers is complete Disco Tango
Conductor  Allan Botschinsky
Spokesperson  Bent Henius
Writer Tommy Seebach, Keld Heick
Finland   List of performers is complete Katso Sineen Taivaan
Conductor  Ossi Runne
Spokesperson  Kaarina Pönniö
Writer Fredi, Vexi Salmi
France Je Suis L'enfant Soleil
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Conductor  Guy Matteoni
Spokesperson  Fabienne Égal
Writer Hubert Giraud, Eddy Marnay
Germany   List of performers is complete Dschinghis Khan
Conductor  Norbert Daum
Spokesperson  Lotti Ohnesorge
Writer Ralph Siegel, Bernd Meinunger
Greece   List of performers is complete Socrates
Conductor  Lefteris Chalkiadakis
Spokesperson  Niki Venega
Writer Doros Georgiadis, Sotia Tsotu
Ireland   List of performers is complete Happy Man
Conductor  Proinnsías Ó Duinn
Spokesperson  David Heffernan
Writer Cathal Dunne
Israel   List of performers is complete Hallelujah[Winning song]
Conductor  Kobi Oshrat Writer
Spokesperson  Dan Kaner
Writer Kobi Oshrat, Shimrit Orr
Italy   List of performers is complete Raggio Di Luna
Spokesperson  Paola Perissi
Writer Antonella Ruggiero, Carlo Marrale, Piero Cassano, Aldo Stellita, Giancarlo Golzi
Luxembourg   List of performers is complete J'ai Déjà Vu Ça Dans Tes Yeux
Conductor  Hervé Roy
Spokesperson  Jacques Harvey
Writer Jean Renard
Monaco   List of performers is complete Notre Vie C'est La Musique
Conductor  Gérard Salesses
Spokesperson  Carole Chabrier
Writer Laurent Vaguener, Paul de Senneville, Didier Barbelivien, Jean Albertini
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Colorado
Conductor  Harry van Hoof
Spokesperson  Ivo Niehe
Writer Rob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland, Gerard Cox
Norway   List of performers is complete Oliver
Conductor  Sigurd Jansen
Spokesperson  Sverre Christophersen
Writer Anita Skorgan, Philip Kruse
Portugal Sobe, Sobe, Balão Sobe
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Conductor  Thilo Krasmann
Spokesperson  João Abel Fonseca
Writer Carlos Nobrega e Sousa
Spain   List of performers is complete Su Canción
Conductor  José Luis Navarro
Spokesperson  Manuel Almendros
Writer Fernando Moreno
Sweden   List of performers is complete Satellit
Conductor  Lars Samuelson
Spokesperson  Sven Lindahl
Writer Ted Gärdestad, Kenneth Gärdestad
Switzerland   List of performers is complete Trödler Und Co.
Conductor  Rolf Zuckowski
Spokesperson  Michel Stocker
Writer Peter Reber
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Mary Ann
Conductor  Ken Jones
Spokesperson  Colin Berry
Writer Peter Morris
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