A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996.

The Contest was hosted by Ingvild Bryn and Morten Harket at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

See national final entries for 1996.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1996

NamePrevious appearances
Fernanda Lopes4
Per Øystein Sørensen4
Elisabeth Andreassen3
Jody Pijper3
Marianna Efstratiou2
Dian Senders2
Jari Nieminen2
Hilde Kjeldsen2
Georgina Abela1
Stella Jones1
Slavko Pintarić Pišta1
Marian Lisland1
Jacqueline Patricio da Luz1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1996

NamePrevious songs
Brendan J. Graham3
Zrinko Tutić2
Rodoula Papalambrianou1
Alfred C. Sant1
Costas Bigalis1
Piet Souer1
Mischa Krausz1
Sinan Alimanović1
Paul Abela1
Pedro Osório1
Peter van Asten1

Artists who performed in 1996

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria   List of performers is complete Weil's Dr Guat Got
Writer George Nussbaumer, Mischa Krausz
Spokesperson  Martina Rupp
Conductor  Mischa Krausz Writer
Belgium Liefde Is Een Kaartspel
Writer John Terra, Siirak Brogden, Daniel Ditmar
Spokesperson  An Ploegaerts
Conductor  Bob Porter
Bosnia & Herzegovina Za Našu Ljubav
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Adnan Bajramović, Aida Frljak, Sinan Alimanović
Spokesperson  Segmedina Srna
Conductor  Sinan Alimanović Writer
Croatia Sveta Ljubav
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Zrinko Tutić
Spokesperson  Daniela Trbović
Conductor  Alan Bjelinski
Cyprus Mόno Gia Más
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Andreas Giorgallis, Rodoula Papalambrianou
Spokesperson  Marios Skordis
Conductor  Stavros Lantsias
Estonia   List of performers is complete Kaelakee Hääl
Writer Priit Pajusaar, Kaari Sillamaa
Spokesperson  Annika Talvik
Conductor  Tarmo Leinatamm
Finland   List of performers is complete Niin Kaunis On Taivas
Writer Timo Niemi
Spokesperson  Solveig Herlin
Conductor  Olli Ahvenlahti
France   List of performers is complete Diwanit Bugale
Writer Dan Ar Braz
Spokesperson  Laurent Broomhead
Conductor  Fiachra Trench
Greece   List of performers is complete Emis Forame To Himona Anixiatika
Writer Costas Bigalis, Iro Trigoni
Spokesperson  Niki Venega
Conductor  Michael Rozakis
Iceland   List of performers is complete Sjúbídú
Writer Anna Mjöll, Ólafur Gaukur
Spokesperson  Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir
Conductor  Ólafur Gaukur Writer
Ireland   List of performers is complete The Voice[Winning song]
Writer Brendan J. Graham
Spokesperson  Eileen Dunne
Conductor  Noel Kelehan
Malta   List of performers is complete In A Woman's Heart
Writer Paul Abela, Alfred C. Sant
Spokesperson  Ruth Amaira
Conductor  Paul Abela Writer
Netherlands   List of performers is complete De Eerste Keer
Writer Peter van Asten, Piet Souer
Spokesperson  Marcha
Conductor  Dick Bakker
Norway   List of performers is complete I Evighet
Writer Torhild Nigar
Spokesperson  Ragnhild Sælthun Fjørtoft
Conductor  Frode Thingnæs
Poland   List of performers is complete Chce Znac Swój Grzech
Writer Robert Amirian, Kasia Kowalska
Spokesperson  Jan Chojnacki
Conductor  Wiesław Pieregorólka
Portugal   List of performers is complete O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor
Writer Pedro Osório, José Fanha
Spokesperson  Cristina Rocha
Conductor  Pedro Osório Writer
Slovakia Kým Nás Máš
Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Juraj Burian, Jozef Urban
Spokesperson  Alena Heribanová
Conductor  Juraj Burian Writer
Slovenia Dan najlepših sanj
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Aleksander Kogoj
Spokesperson  Mario Galunič
Conductor  Jože Privšek
Spain   List of performers is complete Ay, qué deseo
Writer Antonio Carmona, Josemi Carmona, Juan Carmona
Spokesperson  Belén Fernández de Henestrosa
Conductor  Eduardo Leiva
Sweden   List of performers is complete Den Vilda
Writer Peter Grönvall, Nanne Grönvall
Spokesperson  Ulla Rundqvist
Conductor  Anders Berglund
Switzerland Mon cœur l'aime
Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Régis Mounir
Spokesperson  Yves Ménestrier
Conductor  Rui dos Reis
Turkey   List of performers is complete Besinçi Mevsim
Writer Levent Çoker, Selma Çuhacı
Spokesperson  Ömer Önder
Conductor  Levent Çoker Writer
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Ooh...Aah...Just A Little Bit
Writer Steve Rodway, Simon Tauber
Spokesperson  Colin Berry
Conductor  Ernie Dunstall
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