A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981.

The Contest was hosted by Doireann Ní Bhriain at the RDS Simmonscourt Pavilion in Dublin, Ireland.

See national final entries for 1981.

Performers with multiple appearances in 1981

Georges Costa2
Michel Costa2

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1981

NamePrevious appearances
Georges Costa12
Michel Costa11
Francine Chantereau7
Martine Latorre6
John Wiseman4
Titia Dekker4
Marcel Dietrich3
Peter Reber3
Sue Schell3
Michael Elo2
Ianne Elo2
Anita Skorgan2
George Keller2
Jean-Claude Pascal1
Ana Bola1
Cristina Águas1
Tommy Seebach1
Debbie Cameron1
Björn Skifs1
Ismeta Dervoz-Krvavac1
Cheryl Baker1
Kari Gjærum1
Marty Brem1
Nancy Dee1
Caj Högberg1
Peter Lundblad1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1981

NamePrevious songs
Ralph Siegel5
Peter Reber5
Jean-Paul Cara3
Bernd Meinunger3
Tommy Seebach1
Joe Burkett1
Joe Gracy1
Keld Heick1
Doros Georgiadis1

Artists who performed in 1981

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria Wenn Du Da Bist
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Werner Böhmler
Spokesperson  Jenny Pippal
Conductor  Richard Oesterreicher
Belgium Samson
Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Giuseppe Marchese, Kick Dandy, Penny Els
Spokesperson  Walter De Meyere
Conductor  Giuseppe Marchese Writer
Cyprus   List of performers is complete Monika
Writer Doros Georgiadis, Stavros Sideras
Spokesperson  Anna Partelidou
Conductor  Michael Rozakis
Denmark Krøller Eller Ej
Writer Tommy Seebach, Keld Heick
Spokesperson  Bent Henius
Conductor  Allan Botschinsky
Finland   List of performers is complete Reggae O.K.
Writer Jim Pembroke, Olli Ojala
Spokesperson  Annemi Genetz
Conductor  Henrik Otto Donner
France Humanahum
Writer Jean-Paul Cara, Joe Gracy
Spokesperson  Denise Fabre
Conductor  David Sprinfield
Germany Johnny Blue
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Ralph Siegel, Bernd Meinunger
Conductor  Wolfgang Rödelberger
Greece   List of performers is complete Feggari Kalokerino
Writer Giorgos Niarchos, Yiannis Dimitras
Spokesperson  Tatiana Darra
Conductor  George Niarchos
Ireland   List of performers is complete Horoscopes
Writer Jim Kelly, Joe Burkett
Spokesperson  John Skehan
Conductor  Noel Kelehan
Israel   List of performers is complete Layla
Writer Shuki Levi, Shlomit Aharon, Yuval Dor
Spokesperson  Dan Kaner
Conductor  Eldad Shrem
Luxembourg C'est Peut-être Pas L'amérique
Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Jean-Claude Pascal, Jean-Claude Petit, Sophie Makhno
Spokesperson  Jacques Harvey
Conductor  Joël Rocher
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Het Is Een Wonder
Writer Cees de Wit, Bart van de Laar
Spokesperson  Flip van der Schalie
Conductor  Rogier van Otterloo
Norway   List of performers is complete Aldri I Livet
Writer Finn Kalvik
Spokesperson  Sverre Christophersen
Conductor  Sigurd Jansen
Portugal   List of performers is complete Play-back
Writer Carlos Paião
Spokesperson  Margarida Andrade
Conductor  Shegundo Galarza
Spain Y Solo Tú
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Amado Jaén
Spokesperson  Isabel Tenaille
Conductor  Joan Barcons
Sweden   List of performers is complete Fångad I En Dröm
Writer Bengt Palmers, Björn Skifs
Spokesperson  Bengteric Nordell
Conductor  Anders Berglund
Switzerland Io Senza Te
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Peter Reber, Nella Martinetti
Spokesperson  Michel Stocker
Conductor  Rolf Zuckowski
Turkey   List of performers is complete Dönme Dolap
Writer Ali Kocatepe
Spokesperson  Başak Doğru
Conductor  Onno Tunç
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Making Your Mind Up[Winning song]
Writer John Danter, Andy Hill
Spokesperson  Colin Berry
Conductor  John Coleman
Yugoslavia   List of performers is complete Leila
Writer Ranko Boban
Spokesperson  Helga Vlahović
Conductor  Ranko Rihtman
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