A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1963.

The Contest was hosted by Katie Boyle at the BBC Television Centre in 1963, United Kingdom.

See national final entries for 1963.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1963

NamePrevious appearances
Ronnie Carroll1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1963

NamePrevious songs
Émile Gardaz4
Géo Voumard4
Pierre Delanoë2
Hans Flower2
Wim Brabants1
Pieter Goemans1
Bobbie Ericsson1
Sejr Volmer-Sørensen1

Artists who performed in 1963

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria   List of performers is complete Vielleicht Geschieht Ein Wunder
Writer Erwin Halletz, Peter Wehle
Spokesperson  Emil Kollpacher
Conductor  Erwin Halletz Writer
Belgium   List of performers is complete Waarom
Writer Hans Flower, Wim Brabants
Spokesperson  Ward Bogaert
Conductor  Francis Bay
Denmark   List of performers is complete Dansevise[Winning song]
Writer Otto Francker, Sejr Volmer-Sørensen
Conductor  Kai Mortensen
Finland   List of performers is complete Muistojeni Laulu
Writer Börje Sundgren, Muistojeni Laulu
Spokesperson  Poppe Berg
Conductor  George de Godzinsky
France   List of performers is complete Elle était Si Jolie
Writer Alain Barrière, Armand Migiani
Spokesperson  Armand Lanoux
Conductor  Franck Pourcel
Germany   List of performers is complete Marcel
Writer Charly Niessen
Spokesperson  Werner Veigel
Conductor  Willy Berking
Italy   List of performers is complete Uno Per Tutte
Writer Tony Renis, Alberto Testa, Mogol
Spokesperson  Enzo Tortora
Conductor  Gigi Cichellero
Luxembourg   List of performers is complete A Force De Prier
Writer Raymond Bernard, Pierre Delanoë
Conductor  Eric Robinson
Monaco   List of performers is complete L'amour S'en Va
Writer Françoise Hardy
Conductor  Raymond Lefèvre
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Een Speeldoos
Writer Pieter Goemans
Spokesperson  Pim Jacobs
Conductor  Eric Robinson
Norway   List of performers is complete Solhverv
Writer Dag Kristoffersen
Spokesperson  Roald Øyen
Conductor  Øivind Bergh
Spain   List of performers is complete Algo Prodigioso
Writer Fernando García Morcillo, Camillo Murillo Janero
Spokesperson  Julio Rico
Conductor  Rafael Ibarbia
Sweden   List of performers is complete En Gång I Stockholm
Writer Bobbie Ericsson, Beppe Wolgers
Spokesperson  Edvard Matz
Conductor  William Lind
Switzerland   List of performers is complete T'en Va Pas
Writer Géo Voumard, Émile Gardaz
Spokesperson  Alexandre Burger
Conductor  Eric Robinson
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Say Wonderful Things
Writer Philip Green, Norman Newell
Spokesperson  Pete Murray
Conductor  Eric Robinson
Yugoslavia   List of performers is complete Brodovi
Writer Mario Nardelli
Spokesperson  Miloje Orlović
Conductor  Miljenko Prohaska
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