A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992.

The Contest was hosted by Harald Treutiger and Lydia Cappolicchio at the Malmö Isstadion in Malmö, Sweden.

See national final entries for 1992.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1992

NamePrevious appearances
Anita Pajunen5
Per Øystein Sørensen3
Miriam Stockley3
Sami Kalifa2
Peter Busborg2
Jacob Launbjerg2
Alain Pentony2
Fernanda Lopes2
Michael Scholz2
Pave Maijanen2
Rolf Köhler2
Detlef Wiedeke2
Petra Scheeser2
Tina Hierstetter1
Linda Martin1
Mia Martini1
Elisabeth Melander1
Rom Heck1
Margareta Nilsson1
Staffan Paulsson1
Pirjo Aittomäki1
Christos Lagos1
María Ovelar1
Adolfo Rodríguez1
Sigríður Beinteinsdóttir1
Grétar Örvarsson1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1992

NamePrevious songs
Ralph Siegel11
Bernd Meinunger8
Ehud Manor6
Giancarlo Bigazzi3
Johnny Logan2
Kobi Oshrat2
Joachim Horn-Bernges2
Dieter Bohlen2
Raymond Mahoney1

Artists who performed in 1992

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria Zusammen gehn
Writer Dieter Bohlen, Joachim Horn-Bernges
Spokesperson  Andy Lee
Conductor  Leon Ives
Belgium   List of performers is complete Nous on veut des violons
Writer Claude Barzotti, Anne-Marie Gaspard
Spokesperson  Jacques Olivier
Conductor  Frank Fievez
Cyprus Teriazoume
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer George Theophanous, Leonidas Malenis
Spokesperson  Anna Partelidou
Conductor  George Theophanous Writer
Denmark Ålt det som ingen ser
Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Carsten Warming
Spokesperson  Bent Henius
Conductor  Henrik Krogsgård
Finland   List of performers is complete Yamma-yamma
Writer Pave Maijanen, Hector
Spokesperson  Solveig Herlin
Conductor  Olli Ahvenlahti
France Monté la riviè
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Kali
Spokesperson  Olivier Minne
Conductor  Magdi Vasco Noverraz
Germany   List of performers is complete Träume sind für alle da
Writer Ralph Siegel, Bernd Meinunger
Spokesperson  Carmen Nebel
Conductor  Norbert Daum
Greece   List of performers is complete Olou tou kosmou i elpida
Writer Christos Lagos
Spokesperson  Fotini Giannoulatou
Conductor  Charis Andreadis
Iceland   List of performers is complete Nei eða já
Writer Friðrik Karlsson, Grétar Örvarsson, Stefán Hilmarsson
Spokesperson  Guðrún Skúladóttir
Conductor  Nigel Wright
Ireland   List of performers is complete Why Me[Winning song]
Writer Johnny Logan
Spokesperson  Eileen Dunne
Conductor  Noel Kelehan
Israel Ze rak sport
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Kobi Oshrat, Ehud Manor
Spokesperson  Daniel Pe'er
Conductor  Kobi Oshrat Writer
Italy   List of performers is complete Rapsodia
Writer Giuseppe Dati, Giancarlo Bigazzi
Spokesperson  Nicoletta Orsomando
Conductor  Marco Falagiani
Luxembourg   List of performers is complete Sou fräi
Writer Ab van Goor, Jang Linster
Conductor  Christian Jacob
Malta   List of performers is complete Little Child
Writer Georgina Abela, Raymond Mahoney
Spokesperson  Anna Bonanno
Conductor  Paul Abela
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Wijs me de Weg
Writer Edwin Schimscheimer
Spokesperson  Herman Slager
Conductor  Harry van Hoof
Norway   List of performers is complete Visjoner
Writer Robert Morley, Eva Jansen
Spokesperson  Sverre Christophersen
Conductor  Rolf Løvland
Portugal   List of performers is complete Amor D'água Fresca
Writer Dina, Rosa Lobato de Faria
Spokesperson  Ana Zanatti
Conductor  Carlos Alberto Moniz
Spain   List of performers is complete Todo esto es la música
Writer Alfredo Valbuena, Luis Miguélez
Spokesperson  María Ángeles Balañac
Conductor  Javier Losada
Sweden   List of performers is complete I morgon är en annan dag
Writer Niklas Strömstedt
Spokesperson  Jan Jingryd
Conductor  Anders Berglund
Switzerland   List of performers is complete Mister Music Man
Writer Gordon Dent
Spokesperson  Michel Stocker
Conductor  Roby Seidel
Turkey   List of performers is complete Yaz Bitti
Writer Aldoğan Şimşekyay, Aylin Uçanlar
Spokesperson  Korhan Abay
Conductor  Aydın Özarı
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete One Step Out Of Time
Writer Paul Davies, Tony Ryan, Victor Stratton
Spokesperson  Colin Berry
Conductor  Ronnie Hazlehurst
Yugoslavia   List of performers is complete Ljubim te pesmama
Writer Radivoje Radivojević, Gale Janković
Spokesperson  Veselin Mrđen
Conductor  Anders Berglund
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