Czechia national Eurovision finals

People in the Six on Stage database who have taken part in Czechia national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. This includes songwriters, jury members, hosts, spokespeople and performers from Eurovision. Only national final lead artists and writers are listed.

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Appearances by year for Czechia national Eurovision finals

EntryNamed artists
Dopamine Overdose by Tom Sean
Writer Edwin Lindberg, Jan Vávra, Lukas Hällgren, Tom Sean
Good Enough by Lenny
Writer Lenka Filipová, Marcus Tran, Otakar Petřina
Out of My Mind by Tomas Robin
Writer Martin Zaujec, Tomáš Lobb, Tomas Robin
Pedestal by Aiko
Writer Aiko, Steven Ansell
Red Flag Parade by MYDY
Writer Jakub Svoboda, Maria Broberg, Mikuláš Pejcha, Ondřej Slánský, Paweł Krześniak, Žofie Dařbujánová
Starlet by Gianna Lei
Writer Gianna Lei, Morten Bergholt
The Angel's Share by Elly
Writer Argyle Singh, Eliška Tunková, Jan Vávra, Rony Janeček
Ghosting by Pam Rabbit
My Sister's Crown by Vesna
Imma Be by Elis Mraz
Writer Elis Mraz
Lights Off by We Are Domi
Runnin' Out of F* Time by Annabelle
Get Up by Pam Rabbit
Kemama by Benny Cristo
Wanna Be Like by Elis Mraz feat. Čis T
Writer Čis T, Elis Mraz
Easy to Believe by Pam Rabbit
Friend of a Friend by Lake Malawi
Lie To Me by Mikolas Josef
Benga beating by
Muloland by
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