Performers who have represented Czechia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Czechia first participated in 2007 and made its most recent appearance in 2022. It has not yet won the Contest.

See national final entries for Czechia.

Spokesperson Spokespeople with multiple appearances for Czechia

Up to and including 2022.

Radka Rosická3
Petra Šubrtová2
Daniela Písařovicová2

Jury member Repeat jury members for Czechia

Up to and including 2022.

Elis Mraz2
Jitka Benešová2

Appearances by year for Czechia

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
2023My Sister’s Crown
Writer Patricie Kaňok Fuxová, Tanita Yankova, Kateryna Vatchenko
2022  List of performers is complete Lights Off
Writer Abi F Jones, Benjamin Rekstad, Casper Hatlestad, Dominika Hasek, Einar Eriksen Kvaløy
Spokesperson  Taťána Kuchařová
2021  List of performers is complete OMAGA
Writer Filip Vlček, Benny Cristo
Spokesperson  Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá
Writer Benny Cristo, Charles Sarpong, Osama Verse-Atile, Rudy Ray
2019  List of performers is complete Friend of a Friend
Writer Albert Černý, Jan Steinsdoerfer, Mikołaj Trybulec
Spokesperson  Radka Rosická
2018  List of performers is complete Lie To Me
Writer Mikolas Josef
Spokesperson  Radka Rosická
2017My Turn
Writer Kyler Niko, Pete Barringer
Spokesperson  Radka Rosická
2016I Stand
Writer Christian Schneider, Sara Biglert, Aidan O'Connor
Spokesperson  Daniela Písařovicová
2015  List of performers is complete Hope Never Dies
Writer Václav Noid Bárta, Tereza Šoralová
Spokesperson  Daniela Písařovicová
2009  List of performers is complete Aven Romale
Writer Radoslav Banga
Spokesperson  Petra Šubrtová
2008  List of performers is complete Have Some Fun
Writer Gordon Pogoda, Stano Simor
Spokesperson  Petra Šubrtová
2007  List of performers is complete Malá Dáma
Writer Milan Špalek, Ota Váňa
Spokesperson  Andrea Savane
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