A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971.

The Contest was hosted by Bernadette Ní Ghallchóir at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

See national final entries for 1971.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1971

NamePrevious appearances
Mercedes Valimaña2
María Dolores Arenas2
María Jesús Aguirre2
Margo Quantrell1
Jean Hawker1
Vicki Brown1
Jacques Raymond1
Katja Ebstein1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1971

NamePrevious songs
Hubert Giraud5
Pierre Cour4
Phil van Cauwenbergh3
Paul Quintens3
Joop Stokkermans2
Gerrit den Braber2
Nuño Nazareth Fernandes2
Henri Dijan2
Arne Bendiksen2
Jacques Demarny1
José Carlos Ary dos Santos1

Artists who performed in 1971

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria   List of performers is complete Musik
Writer Manuel Rigoni, Richard Schönherz
Conductor  Robert Opratko
Belgium   List of performers is complete Goeie Morgen, Morgen
Writer Paul Quintens, Phil van Cauwenbergh
Conductor  Francis Bay
Finland   List of performers is complete Tie Uuteen Päivään
Writer Rauno Lehtinen
Conductor  Ossi Runne
France   List of performers is complete Un Jardin Sur La Terre
Writer Alice Dona, Henri Dijan, Jacques Demarny
Conductor  Franck Pourcel
Germany   List of performers is complete Diese Welt
Writer Dieter Zimmermann, Fred Jay
Conductor  Dieter Zimmermann Writer
Ireland   List of performers is complete One Day Love
Writer Donald Martin, Ita Flynn
Conductor  Noel Kelehan
Italy   List of performers is complete L'amore è Un Attimo
Writer Enrico Polito, Gaetano Savio, Giancarlo Bigazzi
Conductor  Enrico Polito Writer
Luxembourg Pomme, Pomme, Pomme
Writer Hubert Giraud, Pierre Cour
Conductor  Jean Claudric
Malta   List of performers is complete Marija L-maltija
Writer Joe Grech, Charles Mifsud
Conductor  Twanny Chircop
Monaco   List of performers is complete Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue[Winning song]
Writer Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Yves Dessca
Conductor  Jean-Claude Petit
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Tijd
Writer Joop Stokkermans, Gerrit den Braber
Conductor  Dolf van der Linden
Norway   List of performers is complete Lykken Er...
Writer Arne Bendiksen
Conductor  Arne Bendiksen Writer
Portugal Menina Do Alto Da Serra
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Nuño Nazareth Fernandes, José Carlos Ary dos Santos
Conductor  Jorge Costa Pinto
Spain   List of performers is complete En Un Mundo Nuevo
Writer Rafael Trabucchelli, Tony Luz
Conductor  Waldo de los Rios
Sweden   List of performers is complete Vita Vidder
Writer Håkan Elmquist
Conductor  Claes Rosendahl
Switzerland   List of performers is complete Les Illusions De Nos Vingt Ans
Writer Peter Reber, Maurice Tézé
Conductor  Hardy Schneiders
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Jack In The Box
Writer John Worsley, David Myers
Conductor  Johnny Arthey
Yugoslavia   List of performers is complete Tvoj Djecak Je Tuzan
Writer Ivica Krajač, Zvonimir Golob
Conductor  Miljenko Prohaska
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