A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957.

The Contest was hosted by Anaid Iplicjian at the Großer Sendesaal in Frankfurt, Germany.

See national final entries for 1957.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1957

NamePrevious appearances
Lys Assia2
Corry Brokken1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1957

NamePrevious songs
Émile Gardaz1
Géo Voumard1

Artists who performed in 1957

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria   List of performers is complete Wohin, Kleines Pony
Writer Kurt Svab, Hans Werner
Spokesperson  Karl Bruck
Conductor  Carl de Groof
Belgium   List of performers is complete Straatdeuntje
Writer Harry Frekin, Eric Franssen
Spokesperson  Bert Leysen
Conductor  Willy Berking
Denmark   List of performers is complete Skibet Skal Sejle I Nat
Writer Erik Fiehn, Poul Sørensen
Spokesperson  Svend Pedersen
Conductor  Kai Mortensen
France   List of performers is complete La Belle Amour
Writer Guy Lafarge, Francis Carco
Spokesperson  Claude Darget
Conductor  Paul Durand
Germany   List of performers is complete Telefon, Telefon
Writer Friedrich Meyer, Ralph Maria Siegel
Spokesperson  Joachim Fuchsberger
Conductor  Willy Berking
Italy   List of performers is complete Corde Della Mia Chitarra
Writer Mario Ruccione, Giuseppe Fiorelli
Spokesperson  Nunzio Filogamo
Conductor  Armando Trovajoli
Luxembourg   List of performers is complete Tant De Peine
Writer Jean-Pierre Kemmer, Jacques Taber
Spokesperson  Pierre Bellemare
Conductor  Willy Berking
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Net Als Toen[Winning song]
Writer Guus Jansen, Willy van Hemert
Spokesperson  Willem Duys
Conductor  Dolf van der Linden
Switzerland   List of performers is complete L'enfant Que J'étais
Writer Géo Voumard, Émile Gardaz
Spokesperson  Mäni Weber
Conductor  Willy Berking
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete All
Writer Reynell Wreford, Alan Stranks
Spokesperson  David Jacobs
Conductor  Eric Robinson
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