A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969.

The Contest was hosted by Laurita Valenzuela at the Teatro Real in Madrid, Spain.

See national final entries for 1969.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1969

NamePrevious appearances
Kirsti Sparboe2
Louis Neefs1
Siw Malmkvist1
Romuald Figuier1
Simone de Oliveira1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1969

NamePrevious songs
Hans Blum2
Phil van Cauwenbergh2
Paul Quintens2
Arne Bendiksen1
Toivo Kärki1
Nuño Nazareth Fernandes1
Juha Vainio1

Artists who performed in 1969

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Belgium   List of performers is complete Jennifer Jennings
Writer Paul Quintens, Phil van Cauwenbergh
Spokesperson  Ward Bogaert
Conductor  Francis Bay
Finland   List of performers is complete Kuin Silloin Ennen
Writer Toivo Kärki, Juha Vainio
Spokesperson  Poppe Berg
Conductor  Ossi Runne
France   List of performers is complete Un Jour, Un Enfant[Winning song]
Writer Emile Stern, Eddy Marnay
Spokesperson  Jean-Claude Massoulier
Conductor  Franck Pourcel
Germany Primaballerina
Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Hans Blum
Spokesperson  Hans-Otto Grünefeldt
Conductor  Hans Blum Writer
Ireland   List of performers is complete The Wages Of Love
Writer Michael Reade
Spokesperson  Brendan O'Reilly
Conductor  Noel Kelehan
Italy   List of performers is complete Due Grosse Lacrime Bianche
Writer Piero Soffici, Carlo Daiano
Spokesperson  Mike Bongiorno
Conductor  Ezio Leoni
Luxembourg   List of performers is complete Cathérine
Writer André Borly, Paul Mauriat, André di Fusco
Conductor  Augusto Algueró
Monaco   List of performers is complete Maman, Maman
Writer Jo Perrier
Conductor  Hervé Roy
Netherlands   List of performers is complete De Troubadour[Winning song]
Writer David Hartsema, Lenny Kuhr
Spokesperson  Leo Nelissen
Conductor  Frans de Kok
Norway Oj, Oj, Oj, Så Glad, Jeg Skal Bli
Unidentified   Unidentified   Unidentified  
Writer Arne Bendiksen
Spokesperson  Janka Polanyi
Conductor  Øivind Bergh
Portugal   List of performers is complete Desfolhada Portuguesa
Writer Nuño Nazareth Fernandes, José Carlos Ary dos Santos
Spokesperson  Maria Manuela Furtado
Conductor  Ferrer Trindade
Spain   List of performers is complete Vivo Cantando[Winning song]
Writer Maria José de Cerato, Aniano Alcalde
Spokesperson  Joaquín Prat
Conductor  Augusto Algueró
Sweden   List of performers is complete Judy, Min Vän
Writer Roger Wallis, Britt Lindeborg
Spokesperson  Edvard Matz
Conductor  Lars Samuelson
Switzerland   List of performers is complete Bonjour, Bonjour
Writer Henry Mayer, Jack Stark
Spokesperson  Alexandre Burger
Conductor  Henry Mayer Writer
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Boom Bang-a-bang[Winning song]
Writer Alan Moorhouse, Peter Warne
Spokesperson  Colin Ward-Lewis
Conductor  Johnny Harris
Yugoslavia   List of performers is complete Pozdrav Svijetu
Writer Milan Lentić
Spokesperson  Helga Vlahović
Conductor  Miljenko Prohaska
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