A list of people who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962.

The Contest was hosted by Mireille Delannoy at the Villa Louvigny in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

See national final entries for 1962.

Artists who had performed at Eurovision before 1962

NamePrevious appearances
Fud Leclerc3
Camillo Felgen1
Jean Philippe1
François Deguelt1

Writers who had written Eurovisions songs before 1962

NamePrevious songs
Émile Gardaz3
Géo Voumard3
Åke Gerhard3
Domenico Modugno2
Jože Privšek1
Franco Migliacci1
Syd Cordell1
Stan Butcher1
Maurice Vidalin1
Jacques Datin1

Artists who performed in 1962

Named artists Named artist Backing artists Backing artist
Austria   List of performers is complete Nur In Der Wiener Luft
Writer Bruno Uher
Spokesperson  Emil Kollpacher
Conductor  Bruno Uher Writer
Belgium   List of performers is complete Ton Nom
Writer Eric Channe, Tony Golan
Spokesperson  Arlette Vincent
Conductor  Henri Segers
Denmark   List of performers is complete Vuggevise
Writer Kjeld Bonfils, Sejr Volmer-Sørensen
Spokesperson  Ole Mortensen
Conductor  Kai Mortensen
Finland   List of performers is complete Tipi-tii
Writer Kari Tuomisaari
Spokesperson  Poppe Berg
Conductor  George de Godzinsky
France   List of performers is complete Un Premier Amour[Winning song]
Writer Claude-Henri Vic, Roland Valade
Spokesperson  André Valmy
Conductor  Franck Pourcel
Germany   List of performers is complete Zwei Kleine Italiener
Writer Christian Bruhn, Georg Buschor
Spokesperson  Klaus Havenstein
Conductor  Rolf-Hans Müller
Italy   List of performers is complete Addio, Addio
Writer Domenico Modugno, Franco Migliacci
Spokesperson  Enzo Tortora
Conductor  Cinico Angelini
Luxembourg   List of performers is complete Petit Bonhomme
Writer Jacques Datin, Maurice Vidalin
Spokesperson  Robert Diligent
Conductor  Jean Roderes
Monaco   List of performers is complete Dis Rien
Writer Henri Salvador, René Rouzaud
Conductor  Raymond Lefèvre
Netherlands   List of performers is complete Katinka
Writer Joop Stokkermans, Henny Hamhuis, Lodewijk Post
Spokesperson  Ger Lugtenburg
Conductor  Dolf van der Linden
Norway   List of performers is complete Kom Sol, Kom Regn
Writer Kjell Karlsen, Ivar Andersen
Spokesperson  Kari Borg Mannsåker
Conductor  Øivind Bergh
Spain   List of performers is complete Llámame
Writer Mario Selles, Miguel Portoles
Spokesperson  Luis Marsillach
Conductor  Jean Roderes
Sweden   List of performers is complete Sol Och Vår
Writer Åke Gerhard, Ulf Kjellqvist
Spokesperson  Tage Danielsson
Conductor  Egon Kjerrman
Switzerland   List of performers is complete Le Retour
Writer Géo Voumard, Émile Gardaz
Spokesperson  Alexandre Burger
Conductor  Cédric Dumont
United Kingdom   List of performers is complete Ring-a-ding Girl
Writer Syd Cordell, Stan Butcher
Spokesperson  Alex Macintosh
Conductor  Angela Morley
Yugoslavia   List of performers is complete Ne Pali Svetlo U Sumrak
Writer Jože Privšek, Dragutin Britvić
Spokesperson  Mladen Delić
Conductor  Jože Privšek Writer
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