Named artist Conductor Mike Sergeant


1998Portugal Se Eu Te Pudesse Abraçar Conductor conductor
1983Portugal Esta Balada Que Te Dou Conductor conductor
1978Portugal Dai Li Dou Named artist artist (Gemini)

National final entries

Named artists only.

1978Portugal Ano novo é vida nova Named artist artist (Gemini)
1978Portugal O circo e a cidade Named artist artist (Gemini)
1978Portugal Tudo vale a pena Named artist artist (Gemini)
1978Portugal Dai-li dai-li dou [Winning song] Named artist artist (Gemini)
1977Portugal Portugal no coração Named artist artist (Gemini)
1974Portugal Imagens Named artist artist (Green Windows)
1974Portugal No dia em que o rei fez anos Named artist artist (Green Windows)
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